Software lubrication for your supply chain

I help aerospace MRO's and parts suppliers improve their supply chain efficiency with modern software solutions built on top of existing ERP & MRP systems.

Many ERP / MRP system struggle to handle the complexities of the aerospace supply chain, such as: part aliases & alternatives, kitting, import and analysis of MRP data and you end up using spreadsheets and / or Access databases to work around these, and other shortcomings. Also, it can often be difficult to get the data out of the system to get the reports you need and when you want them.

If you're experiencing any of these issues, then I can help you!

I am a specialist in the development of modern ERP and reporting software for aerospace MRO's and parts suppliers. I help my clients improve their operational efficiency, often by as much as 60%, with bespoke software that addresses their specific business needs.

The purchasing and planning software Chris developed for us has replaced the need for 8 people and has prevented numerous stock outs.

Chris Osborne, SpecTech France SAS

Some of the solutions we have delivered to previous clients include:

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